Midnight had a serious ear injury

Midnight was brought into SCARS’ care dripping blood from an injured ear. His ear had developed a large hematoma from shaking his head, and blood was splattering everywhere. When that was all cleaned up, the Vets found 3 large lacerations and a smaller one. The bottom one actually had a hole, perhaps a puncture wound, very close to the ear canal.

The healing rate on ears is not very good, even if you catch the injury right away. Midnight’s injury one was 2-3 days old, thus some tissue had to be cut away to form clean new edges. The chance that all of his ear can be saved is only 50/50.

Even though he’s just 3 or 4 years old, Midnight has been a stray around the community school and medical centre for a long while.

If you by any chance have some spare change after Christmas expenses, SCARS has had an influx of medical dogs and cats in the last little while and would be grateful for any donations.

Thank-you so much for sharing and caring about the work that we do.

January 3 update: Midnight visited the vet clinic today for suture removal. GREAT NEWS! Midnight’s ear has healed… even beyond the vets best expectation, given the rips and cartilage damage and puncture wounds! The ear may hang a bit lower than his other one, but the hair will grow back and it appears his ear is here to stay! The vet clinic staff loved this big guy and he’s been really sweet with everyone he has met so far.