Mick and Keith (formerly Max and Tiny)

Mick and Keith moved in with me a year ago this Family Day long weekend. They were one month shy of two years old. A bonded pair of brothers and what sweet boys they are! It took a wee while for them to settle into a house in the city. They had to learn to drink out of bowls rather than puddles and navigate stairs. It took a good three months before brave Keith made the first solo trip to the rec room in the basement. You wouldn’t know it today as they tear up and down the stairs looking for misplaced bones and stuffies. They are the kindest dogs I have ever met. They still smile, although catching it on camera is impossible. Every morning I am greeted by two smiling, tail wagging boys who are happy for the day. I still walk the boys separately but we have progressed soooo much in the last year. We are going to try a bit of off-leash this spring and see how it goes. I think the leash itself is part of the problem. The boys are super friendly to people and super kind to each other. They are not fond of winter, touching a pad tentatively outside when the thermometer drops below -21 degrees.

They prefer the sofa to a dog bed — no point in arguing. They also like a little cooked chicken with their supper. Keith loves tug-a-war and Mick loves to shake the living sh*t out of whatever he has in his mouth. They both cuddle and like to be close. They are healthy, happy and so dear. My life is better with them in it. Thank you for rescuing these two characters. I am grateful to all the effort SCARS’ volunteers gave to get to these lovely boys. Keith talks a lot, often telling me a story about his previous life or current list of demands (not sure which, but I listen). Mick squints his eyes as Keith goes on and on… and wags his tail when he finishes. Funny guys. Love them both so very much.

(Mick is the dark face guy, Keith is blond)

Eve Poirier