Hello SCARS, We adopted Mia (back then Rosemary) in April of 2008 from SCARS. I remember the day our family went to meet her and she knocked me (then 13 years old) flat on my butt and I knew right then that it was love at first sight. She was the cutest and biggest three month old puppy I had ever seen. The picture does not do the mohawk she had justice! Mia was there for our family through thick and thin. She was there through all of our significant milestones from elementary to high school graduations, getting our first jobs, a drivers license, and even going off to university!
Mia taught us all to be more patient, to listen, and to enjoy the little things in life like a new squeaky toy or sneaking into the garbage to get chicken wings!  Mia despised car rides but loved to go camping. She loved to run, eat treats, and adventure. A little fact about Mia, she had webbed feet made for swimming but she hated water for most of her life. One afternoon, she decided she liked water and got very into fetching her sticks. But her feet always had to be touching the ground in the water because actually swimming still was not her thing!
Mia was a best friend to each of us and we miss her so much every day. I am thankful for all of the memories and the years that I got with my best girl. Thank you for everything Mia – Until we meet again.