Max (formerly Rocky Road)

Hi SCARS, I’d like to share my story of adopting Max. When we got him at 8 weeks in December 2017. He was a tiny, happy furball that got into everything! Soon we noticed that he had a rash from the fleas he had prior to SCARS rescuing him. He lived with a cone for several weeks, but healed fast and was back to exploring the world! He likes to travel. We’ve driven to BC with him a couple times. We can’t wait for him to explore more with us. He was Rocky Road when we adopted him. Now he is Max. He’s the sweetest, most gentle giant and loves to play with big dogs, and small dogs too. Thank you once again for rescuing our Max. We would certainly have a dull live without this guy in our life. We love him and love to see him so happy with us! – Jasmine Downing