Hello SCARS, My passport name is Luna, but I go by Tuna Puma—because tuna is my favourite food and I hunt feather toys like a puma! February 10 was my first birthday so I just wanted to let you know that I am doing fabulous. I am very emotionally bonded with my mom and, frankly, we are inseparable. When she works, I sleep on her desk or her keyboard, typing messages in Cat-ese. When she watches TV, I lie next to her and stare at the screen. When she works out, I play with strings in her pants. When she is sad, I sit on her shoulder and lick her face. I am friendly with literally everyone who shows up at our door—family, friends, building maintenance guys… Everyone will have their shoelaces untied equally, no exceptions! I am the most well-behaved kitty on earth and have never caused any problems. I would never bite or scratch a human being. It is a miracle how far I am from all the “naughty cat” stereotypes! I have an older brother (he is from SCARS too!). We get along well, although I for sure love my humans more than any other felines—I always purr and curl my tail around their legs when they just walk by! Everyone says I am adorable with my soft singsong voice, splooting, and bowlegs—yes, I tell them stories about the time when I crossed oceans on a barrel! You probably noticed already but I also look gorgeous with my blue eyes and soft white cheeks. I am also a real snowshoe because I looove walking in the snow on the balcony, yes yes!

I am the happiest kitty in the world, and I am looking forward to many more happy years with my forever family. Thank you SCARS for taking such a great care of me and for what you do day-to-day!