Hello SCARS, I had to share an update on our two adoptees from SCARS because sometimes it takes dog to save another dog’s life. We’ve had Little Cooper
(formerly Teddy) about 9.5 years. He was left tied to a tree at a campsite. I can’t imagine the terror he must have experienced. When his best friend, Chance, went to the other side of the rainbow bridge, Cooper was so lost we thought he would not survive without his buddy. He had stopped eating and he just moped around all day. His grief was unbearable to watch.

Enter Roo (formerly Rowan), the SCARS life saver. We adopted her just over a year ago. She was a bit thin and very nervous. It was not hard to tell she had experienced a difficult start. She was only about a year old and not very trusting. Well, after a year, she’s brought Cooper out of his depression and given him a new lease on life. Even at age 10, he has a lot of energy and loves to run and play with Roo. They are the best of friends and love each other so very much. To see the life back in Cooper is amazing and such a relief.

We are grateful to SCARS for doing what they do. As for us humans, these amazing dogs have brought me out of my doldrums too many times to count. Chance who was an absolutely beautiful friend inside and out literally saved me when I was pretty much at rock bottom and then saved Cooper as well. He was brought to us by another rescue. Needless to say, without our furry friends we’d be in a pretty crappy place. Roo and I have become inseparable and I can’t walk a step without her by my side which I wouldn’t trade for anything. I truly love these two more than anything. People should go and rescue a dog before buying from a breeder every time. Want to learn about love? That’s where it is. I think these pictures say it all. Thanks SCARS for saving these amazing animals!