Linus (formerly Midas)

May 2017 update –  SCARS was invited to find a rescued dog that could be a stand-in for Leading Aircraftman “Butch” during the official re-opening of the 418 Squadron Gallery at the Alberta Aviation Museum on May 16, 2017. Butch was a rescued dog who was the official mascot of Edmonton’s 418 Squadron during the 1950s. We found the perfect match in Linus (formerly Midas). He looks a lot like Butch and fit perfectly into the parachute Butch wore while flying with the 418 crew. Linus was terrified of people when he first came to SCARS. Although he was an extremely shy dog, Laura Patterson adopted Linus and was eager to help him overcome his fears. In her loving care since last August, he has become the kind of pet anyone would be proud to call their own. Love can work miracles and, as our supporters know, rescued pets inspire the best in us and make our lives happier. Check out the news coverage of the event (including video) on the websites of the Edmonton Journal and CBC Edmonton.

November 2016 – Hi SCARS, Linus (formerly Midas) is doing wonderful. He is my Little Boo. Nobody would ever guess he was feral for the first four months of his life. There are some characteristics of his feral life he still carries with him. For example, his love of trash bags — one person’s trash is this dog’s treasure! He is still shy around people – especially men. He is easily convinced of their good intentions through their pets or their treats. Naturally, when Linus first came home, he was unsure about EVERYTHING. However, he was quick to figure out he loved car rides! He still loves sticking his head out the window and feeling the wind blow through his long, beautiful fur. Heck, he even loves sitting outside on a windy day. Linus and I bonded quickly by spending a sunny afternoon at a beach. He is a big fan of wading into the shallow water. He hasn’t figured out what to do in deeper water, but I’m sure he’ll figure out the doggy paddle eventually. To be fair, anything outside is absolute heaven to the wee dog. Linus has been going to the dog park at least three times a week. His favourite? ALL OF THEM.

After a few months, he has started to sleep on the bed. Soon after that, he started to cuddle for short periods of time. His morning routine includes a belly rub and a scratch behind the ears. Then he gets up and heads outside for some playtime with his “roommate,” Leia. He still prefers to sleep all night in his crate or on his own bed. He is starting to figure out how to be a pet. Much to my amazement (and much to my excitement — I can’t lie!), Linus thoroughly enjoys wearing clothes. It seems that favourite item is his Batman costume: a harness with a Batman cape. Maybe it is just me, but he seems to act so much more confident and playful when he’s wearing his Batman “armour.”