One year ago today we met one of SCARS’ amazing volunteers when we picked up our sweet girl Lilly, previously known as Munday. We first met Lilly in Athabasca on a Sunday. We were so impressed by Sylvia and her desire to make the best match for the dogs and the adopting family. We took Lilly for a walk and the look she gave my husband that day melted my heart.

Lilly truly is a perfect fit for our mostly quiet home, interspersed with large family events and numerous grandchildren running around. My husband and I chose an ADULT dog. She is about 3 1/2 now. Her temperament was set. No house training, and no chewing. Turns out she hated the kennel, but she didn’t need it either. She was quite underweight when we got her. She had recently had pups that had not been located. One front leg had been broken but not set properly. It has a little flip flop to it when she walks. We have been assured by an orthopedic vet that it is not a problem for now. She runs and plays hard like every other dog.

Thank you SCARS for the great work you do.

Darcy Malcolm