Hello SCARS, I wanted to give you a “pupdate”. Lazo (formerly Coyote) was named by our 6-year-old daughter. SCARS rescued him in April with his brother Fox and he has been part of our family since May. Lazo is 5 months old and such a sweetheart that everyone falls in love with him when they meet him – including our vet. He’s really smart too – he knew his name in no time. He loves cuddles, giving kisses, going for truck rides, playing in water and playing with other dogs. He became fast friends with our daughter and our 10-year-old dog Whiskey. He follows our daughter everywhere, if he isn’t with her he’s with Whiskey exploring our acreage. We couldn’t have asked for a better puppy and we cant imagine life without him.   Thank you so much for everything SCARS does for  animals to give them a better life. We are so grateful to SCARS and also to Lazo’s foster family, who gave him so much love and care before he came to our home. We are eternally grateful to everyone thank you.