Hello SCARS, I am so grateful for the care and compassion you show animals as I would not have these three in my life if you didn’t. Kodiak (shepherd), Angel (bully breed) and Rosie (Alberta special). They are all thriving with love! They rescued me is an understatement. They rescue me each and every day. We’ve had Kodiak 5 years, Rosie 4 years and Angel 3 years now. Each one came with great personality and I love each and every quirk! The girls are my snuggling stage 5 clingers, and Kodiak is Mr. Independent. Although now that I am 5 months pregnant (first baby). They are all equally affectionate and they definitely know things are changing! All 3 are great with kids so we have no worries there. All three I also use in demos for my training classes. They love working!

There are a lot of people out there afraid to adopt a rescue because they fear ‘behavioural problems’. Well these guys are true examples that that is not always the case. And Rosie is an example of rehabilitation of dog reactivity. We have worked hard and she has worked even harder. Now she can have new doggy friends! I am forever grateful for what scars does for all the animals in need️.