Hi SCARS, I adopted Koda back in February and I wanted to give you an update and I’m hoping that you can pass it along to her foster home.

Koda came into my home and it felt like she belonged from day one. She has a couple of not great habits. She’s a counter surfer and she loves toilet paper (so that was interesting during the shortage, ha-ha!). She loves to take my blankets and pillows outside (I leave the patio door open so she can run in and out as needed), and she is a bit protective of her food. But those are things that I work on with her and make her the dog that I love unconditionally.

Since she has come into my home, I have had a lot of not great things happen in my life. Koda can sense when I’m not having a great day and won’t leave my side. She curled up into my lap when I was crying so hard and just kept licking my hands. Then she sat up and tried to lick my tears off my face. I’ve never seen any dog do this before. My sister suffers from anxiety and when she was at my house one time, we discovered she was having an attack. She was sitting on my couch and Koda jumped up on the couch right beside her and put her head into her lap. He kept licking her hands until it made my sister calm down. She never leaves my side in the house and out in my yard. She follows me for three hours straight when I’m on my tractor. I honestly never have to worry about her wandering off, she loves me too much.

Koda is my baby and I love her with every ounce of my soul. Thank you for bringing her in so we could finally find our way to each other. I really wanted to thank her foster mom because Koda was in her care for a year. I know it must have been hard to let her go, but I wanted all of you to know she is loved and a very happy and content girl.

Thank you again for everything!

Danielle Gould