Koa (formerly Dio) and Ollie (formerly Jamie Oliver)

Hello SCARS family. It’s been almost 2 years (09/12/2015) since we met and fell in love with our Koa (formerly Dio). This boy is such gentle giant who is loved by those who meet him.

Koa quickly settled in and learned his boundaries of staying out of the kitchen, laying in his bed when it’s dinner time, how to go up and down stairs, what toys are for and, like most children, has selective hearing at times.

He dislikes going on road trips, but knows there is usually fun when we get to our destination whether it’s visiting family or camping and boy does he ever love camping.

Recently (19/08/2017), we adopted a kitten from SCARS and while at first we were concerned how he would be welcomed in our home by Koa, we have been pleasantly surprised with the bond that the two have formed. Koa loves having a little brother, Ollie (formerly Jamie Oliver), around. They spend their days playing, eating and sleeping together. Ollie also had a calming effect Koa when it comes to travelling and has made roads trips more enjoyable for all of us. When they do spend time apart the reunion between them is so sweet (and rambunctious). We could not be more thrilled with the wonderful friendship and love that we have been blessed with since welcoming Koa and Ollie into our family.

Thank you SCARS

The Machans