Hello SCARS, I just wanted to share an update on Kira. We adopted her at the end of September. She had a bit of a struggle with our cats initially, and I was really nervous. My old momma cat has finally accepted her and allows Kira to book her with her nose and lick her ears. She doesn’t, however, like being picked up like a puppy, LOL! Our other cat, Luna, has finally come up from the basement, but she came up swinging. Kira just wants to play, but Luna is having none of it! Kira is still learning how to walk with a leash, but we walk often so she will get it. She absolutely adores her kids, especially her boy. She gets very upset when he leaves for school and watches for him out the window. She LOVES her furiends at the dog park. We go almost every evening to see them. She absolutely loves the snow, she rolls and buries her head. She is the sweetest dog, super chill but always up for an adventure.