Hello SCARS, It’s been just over a year since we adopted Kelbi (formerly Pearl from Bella’s litter) and thought I’d give you an update on how she is doing. We cannot imagine life without her and are so thankful that the adoption worked out.

We’ve had our share of vet visits due to stomach issues, but she finally seems to be settling with her hypoallergenic food. I will say she’s a princess and fusses with food but eventually will eat. She is otherwise healthy, super energetic, always ready to play. Our walks are definitely the highlight of her day. She does well on the leash and doesn’t pull as much as she did. She’s been to a few training classes which helped her and us a great deal. She is so smart she picks up things very fast.

She still does not like to be left alone at home and won’t move from the door until we are back. She’s been to daycare a couple of times and made some friends. She is super friendly and very curious when it comes to people, she always wants to say hi, sniff them out and then come back to us. She is doted on wherever we go.

Last year she enjoyed a great summer outdoors. We played a lot in our backyard, and she became a pro at catching a frisbee. She also loves her ball and runs so fast it’s hard for us to keep up. When winter rolled around, we weren’t sure if she would still enjoy playing in the snow and boy, she is definitely a snow baby. She still loves the snow and especially chomping on it, burying her face in it, she can’t get enough of it. Now we look forward to another summer when we get to play with her longer as she never tires.

I continue to follow SCARS on social media and am so grateful for everything you do. You guys are amazing.