Here we are SCARS. Our journey has been long and daunting. We were adopted out when we were both just puppies from two separate litters. We then found a forever home and learned to be the best of buds.

We are a match made in heaven. Keira (me) is more of the ‘fun police’ and Ryder is chill and laid back. Ryder is my ride or die. He has been by my side through alot of stuff.

When we were both about 10 years, our owners had something horrible happen to them. They passed away, very unexpectedly and were unable to say goodbye to us.

They had good people who contacted SCARS, and SCARS opened up their doors with open arms. We were brought back into care and we made the expectation clear – we were bonded and we must go together.

Who wants to adopt a 10 year old dog? Better question, who wants to adopt 2, 10 year old dogs…?

We fought hard to find a new home. We were in a loving foster home who had other dogs, animals and humans going through it and all we wanted to do was chill. We were posted as ‘STARS’ on the SCARS Social Media site numerous times to try to show the world how incredible we were, but still no luck. SCARS Reduced our adoption fees too, and still no avail! We were getting pretty discouraged. Then over Christmas we had a lovely person donate our adoption fee to SCARS. Although they couldn’t adopt us, they wanted to make it as easy as possible for us to find a perfect home.

We waited a bit longer, and then our Angel came.

She was actually a foster home through SCARS, it was during the holiday season and she kept telling the people at SCARS that she couldn’t stop thinking about us. There was something about our quirks, our laid back tendencies and our overall amazing personalities that sold her.

Currently, our new mom is still a foster for SCARS and she makes us be friends with all these little critters called Cats. We tolerate them but we enjoy her way more – so it is worth it to put up with those pesky felines.

We highly urge you to consider adopting a senior cat or dog. SCARS has a lot of older dogs looking for their forever home.