Judy had been shot

SCARS was contacted about a young dog that had been shot in the front leg. One of the men who works animal control in the area transported her to LAH. She was immediately whisked into radiology to determine the severity of the wound. And the news was not good. The gunshot completely shattered the bones of her elbow, as you can see in the X-Ray. Fragments everywhere! If the shot had even been an inch or two higher it wouldn’t have done so much damage. The vet said it’s just the worst place it could have been. After consultation with specialists, it was decided that an amputation was the best course of action. An operation to try to save her leg would be complex, difficult and far from a guaranteed positive outcome. The surgery is scheduled for Dec. 22. Meanwhile she is resting in her kennel with plenty of pain medication and a large splint to hold the leg from flopping around. The veterinary team has been calling her Judy.

Dec. 28 update: Judy had surgery and is now recovering in her foster home! She is doing great. However, a secondary concern has been discovered with one of her back legs. The vet team believes she was hit by a car sometime in the past. She will be receiving surgery to her hip during January.

February 24 update: Judy’s second surgery was a success. Her foster mom held a fundraiser on February 15 to held cover the costs. Go here to see some awesome photos from the event.

Any donations towards her care will be gratefully accepted.

You can see Judy on our January 20, Saturday morning Global Edmonton News segment.