Hello SCARS, I fell in love with Jillian (formerly Hazel) when I saw her on the SCARS website. However, she was not listed as an attendee for an upcoming adoption event. So, we did not lock ourselves to her quite yet.

We went to the adoption event on February 13, 2022 hoping we could find our newest addition from among the list of adoptable dogs attending. Unfortunately, none of the pups and dogs seemed to click with our current dog, Jack. We left the event broken hearted as we wanted to adopt on that day. My husband kept telling my son and I that there will be another event and that SCARS is always getting more adoptable dogs and pups. I went back online and made sure to email SCARS that we were interested in adopting Jillian (Hazel) and that we were hopeful that no one has snagged her yet.

A few hours after we got home, I received a call from Kayla. She was a little confused that she was asking to speak with “Hazel” (human – ME!). My heart was beaming as I suspected the call was about adopting Hazel. It was really meant to be as, a) my name is Hazel, and b) she was the first dog I had my eye on since we decided to adopt. We asked if we meet her on the very same day and let me tell you… It was magical. Our dog Jack was so entranced by her. We were so hopeful that we would be considered to adopt her. On February 19th, we brought Jillian (Hazel) home. We consider that to be one of the most pivotal days of our lives.

Jack loves having a sister. They are besties and just love playing with each other. They also love posing in front of the camera so that Mama Hazel can snatch a photo or two. Here are some of the photos we have of Jillian (Hazel) and Jack.

Thank you so much, SCARS. Because of you guys, we have an amazing addition to our family.