Jerome had been hit by a car

I’m Jerome. It’s a good thing that I am 100% pure cuteness because my foster parents are going to have to look at my fluffy face for about 6 weeks!

I was hit by a car. Since I’m such a sturdy guy, I didn’t die, but my body was badly bruised and swollen. Worst of all, and this is vet talk, “radiographs showed a highly comminuted mid diaphyseal femur fracture”. Bottom line – my mid thigh was splintered into a few unstable pieces. This operation was a job for the experts so I was taken to Guardian Veterinary Centre. The vet there used two plates and some screws to repair the fracture. Puppy bone is soft and there is always the potential of the implants pulling or fracturing out. Therefore I’m facing 6 weeks of x-pen rest. I prefer to call it jail!

Now it’s up to time, care, diligence and my foster parents to help me heal. I have PROM (passive range of motion) exercises to do three times a day. Hopefully this will prevent a callus buildup on my quadriceps muscle called quadriceps contracture. If that happens, I could still lose my leg. I won’t be available for adoption or meet and greets for a while yet.

Specialists are pricey $$$. If you can, please donate to SCARS.