When a SCARS volunteer receives a late night call from the vet clinic, it’s inevitably bad news – an animal has been injured or is gravely ill. However, when a vet clinic makes that call, it can be the very best news possible for that animal. Hello SCARS world – Jax here. I am a very pretty boy with a story to tell. I went for a wander one evening – as cats will do. I checked out the neighbourhood, looked around, you know doing cat things! Unfortunately, in my travels it is suspected I might have been hit by a vehicle. Now I knew I was in trouble and I managed to get home. My family took me to the vet and the bad news was a broken leg. I would need surgery. Although they cared for me, they made the decision that they would not proceed with surgery. Well that left me in a bit of a predicament. I am a cat with a broken leg in a vet clinic after hours, gotta say things were not looking too hopeful. That is where that late night phone call to SCARS comes in. The vet knew I was special and she wanted to help me, so she made the call. Thankfully the answer was YES! SCARS agreed to make me part of their family. What a relief!

So the surgery was several days ago now, and I tell you I am pretty much as good as new. Everyone keeps saying I have to take it easy and rest, but seriously I feel just fine. I am going to do my best to listen to them, because after all they did save my life. But I am ready jump and run just like I did before my little mishap. I am now on a mission to find a new home. SCARS doesn’t know if my previous owners allowed me to roam or if I got out by mistake, but they will be looking for a new home that promises to do their best to make sure I am not allowed to wander unsupervised.

I like you people a lot and other cats are just fine too. Did I mention I am a very pretty fellow, with lots of personality? I think you should check me out. I would also appreciate it if you could return the favor and help SCARS out just like they helped me. When you are alone and afraid and in pain, it is a miracle that with one phone call SCARS changed my future and gave me a second chance – please adopt or donate or volunteer, it will mean the world to an animal like me. Purrs and snuggles – Jax.