Iris (RIP)

RIP Iris. From her loving foster mom.

You got that name because an iris is one of first springtime flowers to appear. I so hoped you would be all better and able to welcome springtime. You were a survivor. How did you get yourself to that home where you were found under the deck with big snowballs on your feet? They took you in until SCARS could get there. Car thermometer reading -37 Celcius.

The first vet visit indicated frozen ears, some frostbite on her front paws but the back paws were very swollen. They had been frozen. Hope against hope for a miracle that maybe just a couple of toes would need to be amputated and you’d just have short ears and funny feet. As the days passed, the feet started to weep and discolour. And then more evidence of the damage — the paws become hard and tissue died, then began to break open with tendons showing. Iris’ back feet were dead. Antibiotics and pain control and Epsom salt soaks kept her comfortable all the while.

She was a darling, just purred and purred. It was hurting her to walk now, but still she purred. Her paws were starting to fall away. Her last vet visit – my worst fears came true. Iris crossed over the Rainbow Bridge. Heaven has a lovely new SCARS cat who was still purring while she left this earth. My heart was broken.