Hello SCARS, We adopted Harlow (we kept her name) on December 12, 2020. She was about four months old. She was so full of happiness and love even after living as a stray for so long. We just celebrated her 1st (approximate) birthday over the weekend and we wanted to give you an update on how she’s doing.

She is a very happy, goofy and cuddly pup. She is full of energy but still very mellow when at home. She loves to run and chase just about anything. She eats anything and everything (we call her the goat). She loves spending time at our family farm, going to the park, and car rides. She also loves to torment her big sister, Emma (but usually knows when the old girl needs a break), and play with her human bother, Tucker (he adores her). She is definitely a mama’s girl, follows me everywhere I go. But she knows that dad is the boss of the house and listens very well to him. She is about 60lbs now (the vet thinks she may get just a little bigger) and in good health.

We are so happy she has become part of our family, and look forward to many
more years with her.