Gypsy and her puppies

Gypsy came to SCARS from a home where she was taken care of and treated well. She showed up there as a stray a while ago. They fed her and she stayed in their house. As it happens, Gypsy became pregnant. When she gave birth, she chose to whelp in the doghouse of a neighbour’s dog. The dog didn’t like being evicted so Gypsy was taken home and placed in the basement with her 6 puppies. All would have been fine except that Gypsy took caring for her puppies very seriously and began to take human food from the toddlers in the household. The family contacted our local volunteer to see if SCARS had room for a mom and pups. Luckily we had a foster home who was available to help. Heck how hard can it be when momma dog does most of the work? The foster mum is enthralled with the wee babies and spends a lot of time just hanging out listening to the contented snuffles and squeaks of the tiny babies.