Hello SCARS, 10 months ago you guys brought little Grace (previously named Logic) into our lives and we recently realized we hadn’t sent you guys a pup-date on her yet, so here’s how Gracie is living her life now!


  • socks
  • carrots
  • cheese (obsessed, she even knows what cheese packaging sounds like and comes a-runnin’)
  • being outside regardless of the temperature
  • her sister Zoey
  • bffs and dog park pals Piper and Tootsie
  • play fighting from underneath the blanket
  • eating snow
  • walks/hikes
  • camping
  • all stuffies (especially once she pulls all the stuffing out and it’s just a poor stuffy carcass)
  • water— loves to drink it, swim in it, roll in it, sit in it
  • naps
  • morning play fights
  • oven mitts
  • cuddles
  • belly rubs
  • watching the neighbourhood
  • mom & dad


  • the smoke detector
  • paper towel rolls
  • loud noises
  • still not sure about the kayak

She has such a personality and it has been extremely rewarding (and entertaining) seeing her go from this timid, terrified little pup to a confident young lady!  We are so very grateful to you guys for introducing us to her, our lives wouldn’t be the same without her. Thanks SCARS!