Hello SCARS! I wanted to thank you for introducing Freya, a now three-year-old Rottweiler, to me last year. I know many people change their pet’s name, but the move and new surroundings were stressful enough for her and the strong name Freya certainly suits her, so we didn’t change it. It took a couple of months for her to adjust and warm up to her new home, but she’s settled in just fine. She loves getting tons of attention and has full run of the yard and is taking her time getting to know our neighbours, but still gets excited to see the many friendly faces in our neighborhood. She is extremely smart and the obedience training she recently started has given her a chance to show it off, and she’s extremely in tune with the routine at our house.

As a person with a disability that lives alone, having Freya around has reduced many of the challenges living alone can have. She is very perceptive and has learned to spot the cues that I’m struggling and is not shy about helping out. I’m always baffled at how often she is able to jump in and without being told, know exactly what to do to help and does so with a quiet sense that she is happy to do it. When she came to live here, it was clear that something was missing and now I couldn’t imagine not having her as part of my family.

Thank you SCARS for introducing me to Freya and I’m happy to have been able to give a dog in need of a loving home, exactly that. The first photo I’ve attached is her first day at home, and a few more recent ones that show how she’s fit right in around here. From the bottom of my heart, thank you.