Floyd has a hole in his heart

My name is Floyd. I’m a 4-month old, sweet, lovable boy. I was found as a stray by a kind lady in a rural community. She called SCARS and asked for their help to find me a new home.

When SCARS took me for my health check, they found out some sad news. I have a very loud heart murmur (grade 5 out of 6). They arranged for an ultrasound and found out I have a large hole in my heart. This condition is not treatable and will significantly shorten my life. Cats like me sometimes live only six months but sometimes we can live as long as six years. This is not great news but I plan to make the most of whatever time I have left.

I am living in my new foster home with two cats and two dogs, and we all get along great! I am a very social kitten. I love to play and chase toys with my new fur friends. I am very cuddly in the evenings and have a hard time deciding whose lap I prefer to fall asleep on – foster dad or foster mom. When I’m not playing or sleeping, you can find me chilling on a dog bed by the windows watching the birds outside. I would really like my new forever home to have a playmate for me.

I do not know how much time I have left, but I intend to live each day with intentional happiness. If you let me shine some light in your life, I promise to become the light of yours! If you want to be part of the fun, please get in touch with SCARS!

If my life were a song, it might go something like this…

From “Hole in My Heart” by Sleeping With Sirens

It’s okay, show them who you are
Everybody hurts, everybody’s got scars
It’s okay, standing in the dark
Shine a little light from the hole in my heart
Shine a little light from the hole in my heart
Shine a little light from the hole in my, hole in my heart

I am thunder, I am rain
I will set you free from the hurricane
Through the fire and the flames
Yeah, we all get burned and we burn through the pain

I will help you through
You know I, I, I will be the light for you