Hello SCARS, I figured I would send a quick update on Finnie (though she was Dixie before we got her), who we adopted in February. She wasn’t with SCARS for long, we snatched her up within a few weeks of her intake I believe. She is so loving and sweet – our very picky older dog just adores her, and she fit in with our family within hours. We figure she is just a bit shy of 1.5 years old now, still adorable and puppy-like. She is loving having her people home all the time now as we work from home – she also goes to daycare once a week, and makes lots of friends that way! Curiosity got the better of us, so we did a breed test on her – the results returned that she is mostly Doberman and Collie, which seems on point! We think she must also have either some Husky or Shepherd though, due to her double coat. Either way, she is 100% adorable. Thank you so much for taking her in, she completes our little four legged crew so well and we all love her lots!