Hello SCARS, Happy one year puppiversary! We adopted Fernie almost exactly one year ago from SCARS as a tiny 8-week-old puppy. She is our first dog, and she is definitely spoiled like a first born!

Fernie, unfortunately, had a very difficult first year as she was diagnosed with both elbow and hip dysplasia within her first six months. The disease meant that she was in a lot of pain, and she needed an extensive pain management routine which involved medication, limited walks, and
unfortunately limited play time. After her elbow surgery, Fernie is now living her best puppy life! She still needs to rest more than other dogs, but she loves chasing balls and carrying sticks. She is surprisingly chatty. She loves telling us how her day is going! Her favourite activity is playing with other dogs, and I am pretty sure she loves her dog friends more than her own humans! Fernie will eventually need hip surgery too, and will probably get arthritis in her elbows, but until then we are happy spoiling the pupper and letting her sniff every interesting spot (which apparently there are plenty).