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Notice of Change due to COVID-19

SCARS 2020 Annual General Meeting

In light of current physical/social distancing restrictions, SCARS has amended the format of its formal 2020 Annual General Meeting to avoid the need for an in-person assembly.  The meeting to be held at the Lessard Hall on April 18th, is now cancelled.

The AGM will go ahead but will be held online and attended only by the bare minimum of members required to achieve quorum. They will consider only those matters formally required.

Interested members, however, will be permitted to vote by proxy should they wish to do so.

The 2019 financial statements will be made available online as soon as available. As they are in the process of being audited, it cannot yet be guaranteed that they will be available before the meeting.

Three items of business will be dealt with:

  1. Adoption of new by-laws, as previously published and available for viewing on the SCARS private Facebook groups for volunteers and foster homes, and our public Facebook page and website (SCARS Bylaws – 2020 Final Draft). This will establish a means of clarifying memberships, and will permit the election of directors under a new process effective in 2021. Please note this will require approval by not less than 75% of those who vote on the matter.
  2. Ratification of the appointment of directors Sarah Burritt and Tim Nessim, to continue until the next Annual General Meeting.
  3. Appointment of auditors: It is recommended that the board be authorized to appoint two members in accordance with the Societies Act. Please note that the board is aware that a recommendation to appoint outside auditors at the 2020 Annual General Meeting was suggested at the 2019 meeting. In the interim, the board made the decision to appoint outside auditors to conduct an audit of the 2019 affairs. It is considered premature, since the 2019 audit is not yet complete, and unnecessarily expensive, to conduct another external audit for the 2020 fiscal year.

Members who wish to vote on the above matters should send an email or printed letter in the following attached format. The email or printed letter must reach us by no later than Tuesday, April 14th, 2020.

Proxy Format:

I hereby appoint the Secretary, Lara Onyskiw, or in her absence her appointee, to vote on my behalf at the 2020 Annual General Meeting of Second Chance Animal Rescue Society. I instruct my proxy to vote as follows:

  • In favour of / against a motion to adopt the revised by-laws published before the meeting;
  • In favour of / against ratification of the appointment of Sarah Burritt to the board of directors;
  • In favour of / against ratification of the appointment of Tim Nessim to the board of directors;
  • In favour of / against a motion to appoint two members as auditors;
Member’s Name:
(Signature if possible)

Email to Lara.onyskiw@scarscare.ca

Postal mail to: SCARS, c/o 15020 133 Street NW, Edmonton, AB T6V 1K9

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