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Congratulations to the lucky winner! Ticket B-225139.


The raffle is now SOLD OUT! Good luck to everyone who bought a ticket!

Question: When I purchase my 50/50 ticket today – what will SCARS do with the money? Answer: Vet Bills

Oh, the vet bills! Animals that come into SCARS are very often sick or injured. They have hard lives, often just fighting for survival. Hard living takes its toll on the body.

This month alone we have cared for animals with quills, parvo, and distemper. There were also animals hit by a car or in a fight. There have been multiple pregnancies, genetic issues, infections, bullet injuries, and dental issues, not to mention the basic health and spay or neuter care every SCARS animal receives. Each of these animals is special and worthy of our support.

The vet bills at just three of our clinics total  $48,043.51 – for one month. Yes – just one month, just three of our clinics. We work with 10 clinics! But that is one month of lives saved. One month of making a difference, all because you chose to buy a ticket or make a donation.

To purchase tickets: https://rafflebox.ca/raffle/scars

UPDATE: Since we sold out – we are able to do the draw on: September 25, 2020 at 4pm – LIVE on Facebook!!! 

Final Day for Ticket Sales: October 8, 2020
Draw Date: October 13, 2020
Draw Location: Ottewell Junior High School

The monthly draw and winning number will be posted on our Facebook page here.

The winner will be contacted to claim their jackpot!

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