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Congratulations to our winner: Ticket #C-122195

WE ARE NOW SOLD OUT! Good luck to everyone who bought tickets. The draw is on October 20th!

Second Chance Animal Rescue Society is excited to announce the launch of our online 50/50 raffle in support of our Craft Sale 2020!! You have a chance to win $10,000!

AGLC License – #565117

Players of this raffle must reside in ALBERTA, be 18 years of age or older, and must use a major credit card of Visa debit card to purchase.

Tickets will be available for sale online only and will be sold at a rate of – 1 for $10, 4 for $20, 20 for $50; 100 for $100.


Final Day for Ticket Sales: October 15, 2020
Draw Date: October 20, 2020
Draw Location: Ottewell Junior High School

The monthly draw and winning number will be posted on our Facebook page here.

The winner will be determined by random draw. The winner will be contacted by phone or email. The winner has 90 days to claim their prize. A second draw from the same numbers will occur after 90 days if the draw goes unclaimed.

Where does the money go?  When you buy a ticket, support our auctions, support craft sales, make donations – what amazing things does my money actually do?

First answer – Animal care and medical expenses

In August 2020 alone SCARS brought into care 148 animals. (September is already over 200 intakes) Cats, dogs, kittens and puppies all in need of assistance.  Each of these animals required transport, vet assessment, food and socialization.  Not to mention love, lots and lots of love.

Of these 148 animals:

  •  Some were part of our spay/neuter return program.  Animals from our intake communities, which are in good homes and will no longer be having litters
  • Some were returns, families which could no longer support the care of the animal.  Once a SCARS animal always a SCARS animal
  • Nearly 40 came from community pounds, where without SCARS they would face euthanization
  • 91 were strays –homeless and nameless until they are touched by the miracle of SCARS
  • 3 were Owner Surrenders – the unique situations where families had no other options and SCARS stepped in to help

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