Ellie (formerly Elf)

Hello SCARS! I adopted Ellie (formerly Elf) a year ago. She was originally adopted out as a puppy, but was unfortunately returned to SCARS through no fault of her own. But perhaps this was fate because it brought Ellie into my life. The first time I met Ellie she instantly made her way into my heart with her sweet, goofy personality. I knew she would be coming home with me.

To be honest, our first few weeks were a little bumpy. I had never adopted an adult dog before, and we both had adjusting to do. Ellie seemed unsure, maybe because so much had changed for her over such a short period of time. But as the days went by, our bond slowly grew, and soon she was following me around like a shadow. I admit that being her sole source of food definitely helped!

Since then, Ellie has grown so much. She is happy, trusting and more confident. She is learning how to do flyball, agility and many different tricks. We like to go for walks, runs, hikes and camping trips. Every day we work on building our relationship. I am so grateful to have Ellie in my life and I look forward to all of our adventures to come!

Kylie Pon
Edson, AB