Eight orphaned puppies

Sometimes the grapevine can be a life line. Our volunteer was called by a lady who knew, through the grapevine, about a woman whose dog had recently had a litter of puppies. The owner thought that the momma dog may have died because her food wasn’t being eaten. Originally she wanted advice on what to feed the three puppies that she thought may still be alive. When we offered, she did agree to having our volunteer go out to take a look.

The door of the doghouse was blocked by a blanket to keep the puppies inside. When the blanket was taken away, the mother dog was inside. Sadly deceased. One by one, our volunteer pulled out puppies. Eight three week old puppies – miraculously still alive!  We’ll never know how they managed to survive several days without their mom. They were so very hungry!

Puppy mush!!! M-m-m-m-m-m-m. Our 8 orphaned puppies are thriving on their diet of puppy formula and canned puppy food. Feeding time is frenzy time. Squeaks, grunts and wiggly tails! Anyone who smiled while watching this video, please consider making a donation to help put mush on the table for these eight voracious puppies. Their foster mom estimates the cost to be over $22 a day! Your donations will be greatly appreciated and you get unlimited views of puppy happiness.

February update: We’re the Orphan Puppies!! The last time you saw us, about 4 weeks ago, we were snuffling our puppy mush like it was the best meal ever. And it was!! That’s when we were 3 weeks old and freshly rescued from a doghouse where our mom had died. With 7 weeks of life under our belts, we are the cutest puppies ever – healthy and fun loving. Foster mom has seen a LOT of puppies and she loves us!
We’re not on the website yet and are waiting for places in foster care. Watch for us at http://scarscare.ca/animals/