Eddie and Magic Mike

Eddie was adopted in April 2012 after SCARS picked him up from a northern community pound and he’s been living the good life since then! He was skinny and his hair was matted and he looked like the saddest little guy in the picture on the SCARS website. Fast forward to now and he’s a treasured member of the family and enjoys organic food and regular haircuts! He has such a unique personality and is very chill, calm and sensitive and would have made a great emotional support animal (he sort of is right now!). He spends his free time hanging out on the deck in the sun, or digging in snow banks, or looking out the window, or enjoying his 3 walks a day and most importantly – destroying stuffies. The only issue he has is recall. He can’t ever be off leash or he’ll be off exploring the world and not come back. He is incredibly independent which makes me think how little affection he must have had before SCARS got him.

Magic Mike (the cat) was the foster-fail of 2015 when I adopted him after fostering him for a few months, I couldn’t let such a sweet guy go! He follows people around and likes to be involved in everything and always tells us what he thinks! He’s also very chill and calm and loves dogs or anyone visiting. Occasionally he and Eddie will touch tails on the same couch, but Eddie really doesn’t like to sit too close to him. He’s too “cool” for that.

Thanks to all the front line SCARS folks and foster parents for changing lives for both humans and our fur-babies!

The Barkers