Hello SCARS, Dixie Speck signing in to let you all know how I am doing, and I am well. I still rule the roost, so to speak. I’m still very vocal and full of energy. My Mum and Dad spoil me and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I have been told that I am the neighborhood watch dog. If there is a stranger in sight that does not live on our block, I sure let them know. I guess that is born into me.

Dad put up signs on the fence “Dog in training.” I laugh at that as who trains who? See the attitude is coming through already. Seriously tho’, I am a sweetheart. I love my humans and I have a cousin, Loki, that comes out to play with me. I love other dogs, especially if they know how to play with me. I love to run. I have attached two pics of me, then and now. Mum said that she has so many but has trouble downloading them.

I will be having my second Birthday on December 13th. I would like to send a special “shout out” to my Foster Mum and Dad, Pat and Cam.