Cody (formerly Petra)

I am the SCARS volunteer coordinator and I adopted Cody (previously Petra). All I know about Cody is that she had a rough few first years of her life. It is believed she lived outside and, unfortunately – for more than a year – with a broken back leg. Sadly, the leg healed on its own – and horribly!

More recently, she broke that same leg again and the hip on the same side came out. THANKFULLY, this time she was rescued instead of being left to suffer. Ouch, ouch, ouch! We are not sure how this injury happened, but it was obvious she was in HORRIBLE pain.

Sadly SCARS couldn’t save Cody’s leg – but Cody didn’t seem to mind. I had her at home in less than a week after her surgery and she was running around and seemed happy to finally be free of that annoying broken leg! It took her a while to get used to being inside, eating regular dog food and not garbage, and honestly just not be scared of absolutely everything. But she made progress, and FAST. Her personality shown bright within a month, and she gained the much-needed weight. She loves her daily walks and LOVES our cabin where she runs around with the other dogs in absolute freedom. More than anything, she loves to cuddle (us and her cat siblings!) and her trust with people and other animals has come such a long way.

Amanda (and Jeremy) Foster