Coco (formerly Gypsy) and Sundae

Hi SCARS, I can’t believe it’s been a year since we adopted Gypsy/Coco! It seems like we’ve had her forever! She is doing really good! We have another dog, Sundae, that we got from SCARS too and they are best buds. When we first got Coco the two of them would play and wrestle with each other all the time. I think Sundae was so happy to have a dog friend! But that has settled down and they are like an old couple now just laying around! Coco is definitely the outgoing one and Sundae is the shy dog. We go to the dog park and Coco is running around while Sundae walks right next to me. They make a good pair!

Coco is a pretty sweet dog, but lately she has decided to watch TV and barks at it whenever another animal comes on. And Sundae just ignores the TV. We can’t watch anything on Animal Planet anymore! And I loved Pitbulls and Parolees, even commercials with cartoon dogs she barks at! We have to close the door to the TV room now! She’s too smart that one!

We’re really pleased with how she has settled in. Thank you at SCARS for all you all do for these dogs.