Charlie (formerly Cobalt)

Hello, SCARS. This is Charlie (formerly Cobalt) checking in. I’ve been with my new family just over a year now and I’ve just about got them trained the way I like. Mom and Dad are always ready to play and I love taking them to the off-leash park or hiking in the mountains. Mom bought me a backpack and now she makes me carry all my own stuff. Some nerve! My cat brother and sister are a little less easy going. Mom says it’s because I keep licking them. But, hey, who wouldn’t want a kiss from this handsome fella? As you can see, I’ve grown up big. Mom keeps saying she ought to buy a saddle and ride me to work. I’m not getting up that early, thank you very much. As you can also see, I’m always smiling. A lot of that is thanks to you, SCARS, for taking such good care of me and helping me find the perfect home. Thanks, SCARS.

PS Dad helped me with the typing.