Chance and Honey (formerly Peter and Amber)

Hello SCARS! My family and I wanted to do an update on our rescue pups. The pictures of them wearing the Santa Hats were taken this past Christmas. Chance (formerly Peter) is the black and tan dog and is now two years old. Chance is the most lovable big dog, spending his time either playing with Honey and our kitten (Missy), or cuddling on the couch with us. Honey (formerly Amber) is Chance’s best friend. She wakes him up with kisses almost every morning. She also loves being motherly to Missy and is always trying to groom and play with her. Both of the pups love to go on walks, play time with our neighbors dog and greeting everyone at the door.

We recently had Chance’s DNA tested and turns out that he is most likely a Gerberian Shepsky (German shepherd mixed with a Siberian Husky). Honey we have not had tested yet, but will keep everyone updated once we do!

We appreciate and boast about how wonderful SCARS and their foster parents have been. Our family wouldn’t be the same without these two adorable fur-balls!