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Volunteer profile: Mel

Meet Mel! Mel is currently a cat foster home that never turns away any cat needing a spot, our super organized and efficient Adoption Event Coordinator and social media guru. She definitely wears many hats with SCARS, and we are grateful for her endless dedication. Here is what

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Volunteer profile: Cassie

Meet Cassie! Cassie is a proud SCARS volunteer and has volunteered with SCARS since March 2014. Cassie said "We initially got involved fostering cats which led us to having our forever foster, Sanctuary cat Phil." Since then Cassie has been involved with a few different roles including: a dog

Volunteer profile: Cassie2020-08-09T08:20:46-06:00

Volunteer profile: Lenard

Meet Lenard! We caught up with him to ask him about his journey volunteering with SCARS and this is what he had to say. "After our last puppy past, I decided I wanted to volunteer with SCARS as I was hoping to adopt a puppy from the rescue at

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Volunteer profile: Johanna

Meet Johanna! Johanna started volunteering with SCARS just over a year ago, after she moved to Edmonton from New York. Since then she has been a HUGE asset to our volunteer team. Here is what she had to say about volunteering with SCARS: "I attended an event that

Volunteer profile: Johanna2020-08-09T08:19:55-06:00
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