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Volunteer Profile: Taylor

Hello! You may also have seen my face — and Heidi, who has dreams of being a therapy dog — at various SCARS events. But due to COVID-19, I have shifted to a more digital role. I am one of the several faces behind this very newsletter. I also

Volunteer Profile: Taylor2020-10-26T17:22:59-06:00

Volunteer Profile: Jody

Meet Jody! I've been a volunteer for SCARS since June of this year. I help with social media (Instagram) and fundraising. I've been off work due to chronic health issues. Since I'm home I thought I should give back to SCARS, especially since I've had the privilege to

Volunteer Profile: Jody2020-09-26T09:23:48-06:00

Volunteer profile: Kelli and Janet, our Donations Coordinators!

Meet our Donations Team!  The SCARS donations team is exactly that — a TEAM! Here is an inside look at how your material donations are accepted and handled, as explained by our volunteer donations co-coordinators! When you email the donations team, you will hear back from us (Kelli

Volunteer profile: Kelli and Janet, our Donations Coordinators!2020-08-31T15:10:01-06:00

Volunteer profile: Elizyah

Meet Elizyah!  I started with SCARS October 2019. Since finishing my BBA Degree in April, I had a ton of free time and wasn’t sure what to do with it. I came across a post about becoming a SCARS volunteer and I thought what a wonderful way to

Volunteer profile: Elizyah2020-08-09T08:24:35-06:00

Volunteer profile: Trish

Meet Trish! Trish started volunteering with SCARS in 2015. She currently helps coordinate the Walls 4 Winter Program. This program provides insulated pet shelters and straw to residents in rural communities that otherwise would not be able to provide warm shelter for their pets. The program also includes

Volunteer profile: Trish2020-08-09T08:19:24-06:00

Volunteer profile: Heather

Meet Heather! "There is nothing more rewarding than watching the shy, shut down, sick or injured animals come out of their shells, transform in front of your eyes and move on to find their happy endings."  Heather started volunteering as a handler at SCARS events. She then began

Volunteer profile: Heather2020-08-09T08:23:40-06:00

Volunteer profile: Crystal

Meet Crystal, a foster home and foster home supervisor! Also known as the crazy cat lady on call, as it is not unusual to find a large number of cats and kittens at her place temporarily until they are able to be placed in other foster homes. When asked

Volunteer profile: Crystal2020-08-09T08:23:10-06:00

Volunteer profile: Jill

Meet Jill. It is hard to even begin to think about the impact Jill has had on SCARS in such a short amount of time. Jill is the creative genius behind our Christmas and Spring Craft Fairs. "This whole thing started about five years ago. I like to knit

Volunteer profile: Jill2020-08-09T08:22:38-06:00

Volunteer profile: Rene

Meet Renee! Renee is a dedicated volunteer who never says no to cats! She is always on top of her intake forms and between her and her family, they give endless amount of love every single cat they foster! Here is what Renee had to say about volunteering

Volunteer profile: Rene2020-08-09T08:22:08-06:00
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