Rescue stories

Kitten rescues

August 14, 2022... We are working on EMERGENCY basis only right now and it’s breaking our hearts. * WARNING GRAPHIC PHOTOS * We received a call about a group of ....

Kitten rescues2022-08-15T08:56:23-06:00


August 14, 2022... Jazzy came to us with a fractured tibia! We have since completed the surgery and she is on the road to recovery. She is so nice, so ....


Lucy (RIP)

August 4, 2022. Yesterday we lost sweet Lucy. Her owners brought her to Westlock Veterinary Center to surrender to SCARS. She had a blockage and after exploratory surgery, found out ....

Lucy (RIP)2022-08-15T07:48:00-06:00

Emergency intakes

August 2, 2022 .... We have been running our operations with the intake being emergencies only, but that’s been very hard to sustain. We have nearly 10 emergencies in care ....

Emergency intakes2022-08-15T07:39:48-06:00

Fluer has parvo

July 30, 2022 PARVO The last thing we want to think about on this beautiful long weekend. Meet Fleur, a nine-week-old female who is currently fighting for her life at ....

Fluer has parvo2022-08-15T07:32:16-06:00


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