Rescue stories

Brucie the Tri-pod

SCARS’ newest tri-pod wasn’t going to let an injury hold him back. Brucie came from a rural pound in northern Alberta. Animal control was concerned about one of his ....

Brucie the Tri-pod2019-03-25T18:41:03-06:00


Hi! My name is Nutmeg. SCARS found me heavily pregnant during the Walls4Winter dog house drop off. Luckily, they went into action quickly because I needed an emergency C-section. ....



Meet Otto! Last summer, Otto was hit by a car... twice. His access to medical treatment was delayed for several months, and as a result, his injuries have fused ....



Food to eat. Trouble to get into. Cardboard boxes to shred. Leashes to chew …. It’s hard to believe, looking at me today, that just 2 weeks ago I ....



Jan. 25 update... A happy story for Robbie Burns day... it's been one week today since I came into care. What a difference 7 days has made. I am ....


Lola and Sprite

Just two weeks into care with SCARS, and there is a huge difference in us. We are Lola and Sprite, and we have a skin condition called demodex mange. ....

Lola and Sprite2019-01-22T18:44:38-07:00

The Life of Pi

Well life doesn't always go the way you want it to, and sometimes it feels like nothing goes your way. Life as a cat can be pretty rough, so ....

The Life of Pi2019-01-16T20:46:11-07:00


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