Rescue stories

Mocha Truffle beat Parvo

The last ten days have been a whirlwind. Little did I know when 2 nice ladies showed up at the pound I had been dumped at, that they were the ....

Mocha Truffle beat Parvo2018-12-27T10:21:57-07:00

Bella was hit by a car

It is hard to imagine having such a happy smile while being in such pain.... Sweet Bella is one of our newest SCARS dogs. She was hit by a vehicle ....

Bella was hit by a car2018-11-16T21:18:29-07:00

Target was shot

We are closer to our $15,000 goal for the Pay It Forward Campaign! Please consider donating to help dogs like Target who came to SCARS with an old gun shot ....

Target was shot2018-11-08T22:08:36-07:00

Flash and Yokohama had a helping hand

Flash and Yokohama had a helping hand Flash was found by a kind pipeline work crew working in the Grande Prairie area. Going door to door, they were unsuccessful in ....

Flash and Yokohama had a helping hand2018-11-03T14:47:12-06:00

Extreme Demodex pup Berkeley

In the nick of time, not a moment too soon……use any saying you like, I was in desperate need of help.  Left at a garbage dump, just a young pup, ....

Extreme Demodex pup Berkeley2018-10-26T11:49:30-06:00

Star was shot

Sept: SCARS was contacted by a partner vet about a lovely Husky female with an injury to her abdomen. With no idea what had happened or when the vet thought ....

Star was shot2018-10-26T11:49:53-06:00


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