Rescue stories

New intakes

Our volunteers are hard at work on this beautiful Saturday, April 23, 2022!   Thirty nine new animals came into care! Here are a few scenes from the day!    ....

New intakes2022-04-24T14:50:18-06:00


April 20, 2022 update... Hello my friends, it's me Kevin! My Cellulitis has completely healed up! I will probably always have a scar on the top of my head but ....


So many need help!

April 14 SCARS update... Just so many! The list is so long and sometimes it feels so hopeless. When lives depend on you for help, you do everything you can ....

So many need help!2022-04-15T11:51:16-06:00


May 3 Whiskey UPDATE!  My first week out of hospital was scary. I was so skinny you could feel all my bones below the fluff. I didn’t have a lot ....



“What was that? Did you hear a noise? Who is that? They look big and scary? Run, I must run away. To where though? I am all alone. Everything is ....



March 31, 2022. We are sad to say that there is another parvo puppy who has landed in our care. Meet Christina.   She’s quite sick & at the emergency ....



May 6, 2022. Hello! Do you remember me? The name's WILLIAM! Thank you SCARS followers, donators and all the volunteers who’ve made my journey what it is. I've been in ....



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