Rescue stories

Bud Weiser

????⚠️Graphic Images Ahead ⚠️???? Bud Weiser came to us from a Northern Alberta Community. We think he was hit by a car, and the amazing volunteers immediately brought him ....

Bud Weiser2019-10-06T16:13:26-06:00

Little Charm

When you buy a house or property, it’s not uncommon for the previous owners to leave behind maybe a random tea towel in the kitchen or perhaps a rake ....

Little Charm2019-09-24T19:17:53-06:00

Diesel’s story

When you try your best and you don't succeed. When you feel so tired , but you can't sleep. Stuck in reverse And the tears come streaming down your ....

Diesel’s story2019-09-24T18:43:01-06:00

Kitten in a boat

This is a short story about how we decided to huddle into a boat and start sailing Alberta! Maybe while you are reading this, we will inspire you to ....

Kitten in a boat2019-08-15T17:31:43-06:00


I am a Guardian, a Protector, a powerful working dog that can deter predators..... but what happens when the Guardian needs help? What happens when the Protector cannot hold ....



WARNING: Tear jerker alert. SCARS fam, I'm Marigold. I was found by a SCARS volunteer and brought to the local pound, but no one ever claimed me. Once my ....



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