Rescue stories

Parvo pups

Parvo! The mention of it stops the seasoned rescuer in their tracks. Earlier this week SCARS intake team saved 7 pups from the crushing cold, one of their siblings ....

Parvo pups2020-01-24T15:11:22-07:00

Marcus and Patrize

Rescue can be rewarding and it can be disheartening, disheartening is the only word to describe our feelings about the rescue of Markus and Patrice. You see RCMP received ....

Marcus and Patrize2020-01-18T14:57:06-07:00


Bit by big dog. That is what it says on my veterinary file. But let me tell you it was waaaaay more than a bite, more like mauled, tossed ....


Lizzie’s story

One dedicated rescuer, two days, two dogs, two different areas of the province - eerily similar symptoms. We will start with Lizzie's story. Lizzie came from a SCARS intake ....

Lizzie’s story2019-11-14T19:00:08-07:00

Danger Dan

????⚠️Warning Graphic Images Ahead ⚠️???? A story from Danger Dan: They say timing is everything and boy is that ever true when it comes to the tale of my ....

Danger Dan2019-10-13T12:34:02-06:00


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