Rescue stories

Minnie has parvo

October 14, 2022 Update... Minnie is thriving! Thanks for all the kind words, donations and support! We have read them all to her! 💪❤️ October 6, 2022 Update... We ....

Minnie has parvo2022-10-16T18:34:20-06:00

Polly the dump puppy

October 9, 2022... Introducing Polly, formerly known as “dump puppy”! ❤️ Polly joined us last Tuesday; filthy, with many sores, and itchy as could be. She’s had a couple ....

Polly the dump puppy2022-10-11T23:31:39-06:00

Biggy has parvo

October 8, 2022 Update... Biggie is feeling himself today! 🎉💪 October 6, 2022 Update... We are over the moon this absolutely adorable little guy has survived parvo. It was ....

Biggy has parvo2022-10-11T23:16:30-06:00

Esme had 7 puppies

September 29, 2022... What a journey this girl has been on. We first heard about her from the many posts and concerned people who saw her standing in the ....

Esme had 7 puppies2022-10-05T18:30:05-06:00


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