Rescue stories


November 14, 2022... When Leo came into SCARS care, all we knew about him was that he’d been evicted due to his bad bathroom manners. Little did we know how ....


Abandoned cats

November 14, 2022... A gentleman dropped off a mom and three older kittens this afternoon. He found them dumped on the side of the road with footprints and tire tracks ....

Abandoned cats2022-11-15T17:44:19-07:00


November 12, 2022.... In 2019 one of our volunteers was helping a lonely senior by spaying and neutering his cats and also removing some to get to a manageable number. ....


October 21 busy rescue day

October 21, 2022... 🆘We exceeded over 50 animal requests for help of surrendering pets OR stray/abandoned animals needing help today alone. 💔💔😓😓😓 🏡We were able to spay & neuter ....

October 21 busy rescue day2022-10-25T18:37:11-06:00


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