Rescue stories


Hi, I am Ziana. On December 13th, I won the lottery of my life. I became a SCARS dog! It was a long day with hours of driving, but I made it from northern Alberta to the safety of my new foster home. As you can see, my rescue



Animal lovers, we want to introduce you to a fighter... This is Stony! Stony was named after the town where he was found. The name suits him due to his resilience and determination. He was found in a ditch by a local peace officer on September 19, and



Meet Orchid. "A tiny black cat show up on our back deck this weekend. She was obviously starving, judging by how quickly she wolfed down our dogs food. Although she ran away when we first tried to approach her, her loneliness won out and soon she was purring and


Kitten rescue

It’s kitten season!!! Never mind it’s always kitten season... SCARS has been overwhelmed with requests to help with kittens and cats. With the weather getting colder the need is even greater. Kittens such as these adorable balls of fluff were dropped off at a farm. Some not easy

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I am Arkham. I came into care nearly 4 months ago when it was noted that I was acting a bit strange. I was puking, walking funny and just overall not myself. Upon further diagnosis and lots of time at Westlock Vet Clinic - I was diagnosed with


Pearl memorial

Little Pearl was very ill when someone found her and contacted SCARS to help. We rushed her to the Lloydminster Animal Hospital. She had a fever and dehydrated. She was also tested positive for PARVO. Sadly, our sweet Pearl didn’t make the night. They tried to save her,

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Hi, I am Shadow. I was found all alone and no one was there to claim me. A nice person contacted SCARS to see if they had room for me. I came in at such a young age. I was unable to eat/drink on my own so my

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