Rescue stories


Meet “Case." Our intake team got a call on the evening of January 21st about a dog who had quills & needed our assistance. We rushed out immediately to find him. He had quills on all aspects of his face... including his eye. These quills look like they have


Vegas had been hit by a car

This kitty was brought into Range Road Vet who then contacted SCARS. Vegas had been hit by a car. We contacted Pulse Veterinary Specialists & Emergency and rushed him to their care because of his severe oral trauma. Vegas received a CT scan and oral evaluation under general anesthesia

Vegas had been hit by a car2021-01-16T15:32:27-07:00

A snarky looking hyena?

SCARS got a message about a “snarky looking hyena” that no one was able to get close too. We headed out bright and early on January 10th to pickup this beauty. As we headed out, it was hard for us to find her but with help from the local

A snarky looking hyena?2021-01-16T15:25:14-07:00

A stormy SNR Program day trip

Despite an unexpected storm on January 13th, our intake team headed out on the roads early to start our roundup for a Spay and Neuter Return Day! Nearly 25cm of snow on the roads in the communities, blowing snow, no plows and very slow conditions made for a very

A stormy SNR Program day trip2021-01-16T15:08:13-07:00

Life had not been kind to Buster

January 14, 2021 *Warning - Graphic Images Ahead* Life has not been kind to Buster & you would never know it with his friendly personality. If only they could talk and tell you their story... Best guess caught in a trap? Sadly this is the second dog in the

Life had not been kind to Buster2021-01-24T15:55:59-07:00


If ever a cat was named appropriately on New Years Eve... it would have to be the “new guy” Midnight. This is the fellow suspected of having trauma to his ears but it turned out to be a super bad case of ear mites. We are always elated with



Sometimes the animals who come into our care have lost faith in humans. Atticus spent his first 24 hours hiding under furniture. Our amazing foster homes continually put in the effort and time to restore their trust. It is always so rewarding when cuddles happen  


Five new puppies!

We brought in these adorable five puppies on January 3, 2021! Thanks to the volunteer drivers, the foster homes and the lots of love we will be getting for them!

Five new puppies!2021-01-16T14:06:41-07:00


We picked up this wee dog on December 28, 2020 after receiving a phone call about a dog that wasn’t walking! She just lays on her side and appears to not be feeling well. We aren't sure if the problem is neurological or caused by something else. Please keep

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