Rescue stories


Hi, I am Harley. I came into care during a SCARS Spay-Neuter-Return event in my community in early May 2019. I was badly injured due to being hit by a car a few days earlier. I was so happy to see them that I crawled right into the


Rescued puppies fight Parvo

It's been a tough road for these tiny pups that came in with the Canine Parvovirus. Seven came into care, four of which came down with the virus and have since been treated and released. Sadly, one passed away. The smallest one only being 2 lbs. and largest

Rescued puppies fight Parvo2019-05-05T21:28:56-06:00

Cuddles broke his leg

Whoopsie, I broke my leg! I am just a pup and didn't know running around moving things was dangerous and a peddle bike fell on me. Now I guess I need something called money to pay the doctor so I can feel better. I don't even know what

Cuddles broke his leg2019-05-01T18:49:30-06:00

Brucie the Tri-pod

SCARS’ newest tri-pod wasn’t going to let an injury hold him back. Brucie came from a rural pound in northern Alberta. Animal control was concerned about one of his front legs. He was not using it and it was covered in sores. Brucie was picked up and went

Brucie the Tri-pod2019-03-25T18:41:03-06:00


Hi! My name is Nutmeg. SCARS found me heavily pregnant during the Walls4Winter dog house drop off. Luckily, they went into action quickly because I needed an emergency C-section. One of my pups was stuck! While they couldn’t save her, the C-section helped to get all the pups



Meet Otto! Last summer, Otto was hit by a car... twice. His access to medical treatment was delayed for several months, and as a result, his injuries have fused in ways that are not so functional. You may notice that he's the best at sitting pretty - he



Food to eat. Trouble to get into. Cardboard boxes to shred. Leashes to chew …. It’s hard to believe, looking at me today, that just 2 weeks ago I was a very sick guy. I’m Simba and I was one little tan puppy, alone and cold in an