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April 11, 2021 Yet another late night emergency call. This time for a dog that had been spotted with quills but no one had been successful in catching him. This is Wilber and he really thought Mr. Porcupine was too interesting not to meet. Wilber was taken straight to



Just when you think you have seen it all, just when you think nothing can shock you anymore,  then you meet poor sweet Lea, only 5 months old, and in a world of hurt. Lea came to SCARS, through an emergency clinic. Upon intake they knew she had damage


April 7 intake

Yesterday some of our team was hard at work making stops in several of our partnering communities! We saw 18 animals in all - 9 of which are part of our spay, neuter and return program. Once they have been cleared from the vet after their surgeries they will

April 7 intake2021-04-12T18:38:27-06:00


Poor Sweet Jimmy, just a pup and already life has handed him more than his fair share of troubles. Separated from his litter mates and momma at too early an age, already under stress and malnourished…..the perfect opportunity for Demodex to thrive. Demodex is a mite. Check out the


April 2nd new intakes

Yesterday’s newest intakes! Our volunteers were hard at work in our partnering Northern Communities, bringing in 14 animals. Thank you toZOE's Animal Rescue Societyfor helping us out and taking a litter of 6 puppies!

April 2nd new intakes2021-04-03T11:47:31-06:00

Freddy needed urgent care

On March 31st, we received a late night emergency call about a puppy who was hit by a car and needed emergency vet care. Freddy arrived at the clinic around 2 am. Good news? He’s safe. He’s loved. Bad news? The medical bill could be $10,000 plus. Freddy’s diagnosis

Freddy needed urgent care2021-04-05T11:04:02-06:00

March 28 intakes (including 2 seniors in urgent need of care)

We had an urgent rescue intake on March 28th. Fourteen animals arrived into our care with two senior dogs in horrific condition. One being in desperate need of vet care. Our volunteer team is currently en route to get them immediate medical attention. ** None of the animals are

March 28 intakes (including 2 seniors in urgent need of care)2021-03-31T16:47:28-06:00

March 20 intakes

On Thursday, we welcomed 8 cats, 1 adult dog and 4 puppies into the SCARS family! Everyone is doing great and settling in. Keep an eye on our website for when they become available!

March 20 intakes2021-03-27T12:11:04-06:00

March 21 intakes

March 21, 2021. It was a busy end of the week for SCARS volunteers. Friday we saw more intakes - a single little female dog as well as a mom and her 3 pups. Sadly, one pup is missing part of his leg and tail. We are glad we

March 21 intakes2021-03-27T12:18:58-06:00

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