Rescue stories


Meet Sara, a senior aged shepherd. Sara came into SCARS on June 21st with a large mammary mass. Any mass is cause for concern and, with the mass being so ....


New June intakes

June 20, 2021 - The past 48 hours for the SCARS Family has been BUSY!! We brought four dogs brought into care and transferred them to the Hinton SPCA! We ....

New June intakes2021-06-23T07:43:03-06:00


This is Finnegan. We received a call about a pup that had been spotted not using his leg. Without hesitation, a volunteer went out to get him! We knew it ....



June 2021... “How is she not ripping my face off?!” That was Dolly’s foster mom’s reaction when she saw the photos from the vet showing the condition of her ....


New Intakes

On May 29, we worked with our communities & the Canadian Animal Task Force to welcome 21 new fur-babies into our foster homes! Here are some of their faces.  

New Intakes2021-05-30T13:50:48-06:00


From the outside looking in, London is a very healthy gal. She is beautiful, loving and an overall a dream of a cat! When we went to spay her, it ....


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